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Health Drink Before Bed

People who used to take their dinner early would like to drink something healthy before they go to bed.  These bed time drinks helps to sleep tight in a relaxed mode, these drinks are also helpful for those who feel hungry at night during study or work. Check out some healthy & simple health drink before bed. Check out here athletic greens cost

  • Banana & milk smoothes – Take one ripe banana, one glass milk & some almonds. Throw them into blender, blend it for one minute & simply have it. Combination of banana & milk is very healthy & tasty it makes your body calm & relaxed.


  • Cherry juice – Cherry contains vitamins & it taste sweet with a pinch of sourness , you can take out one glass of juice from cherry pour it to a glass , add your favorite essence  like vanilla or chocolate etc with a pinch of black pepper or ginger juice to taste. Stir it well & have it.


  • Warm milk with honey – To get a sweet taste you should replace sugar with honey as it is healthy & the mixture of milk & honey creates very nice taste. First boil the milk properly then pour it into mug, add one tablespoon of honey & stir it well before drink.


  • Turmeric & cinnamon milk – Turmeric is a natural medicine which can cure many disease & offer healthy skin. Cinnamon, milk & turmeric makes a perfect medicated bed time drink specially for those who have cough & cold. You need to boil the milk & add one or half teaspoon of turmeric & a pinch of cinnamon powder.


  • Coconut milk – If you are getting bore with regular milk then try coconut milk, you can add some dry fruits, raw fruits like banana or cherry, honey or turmeric too with a pinch of ginger juice. But all these ingredients are optional with reference to combination; choose your favorite ingredients according to your taste.


The bottom line

Night time drinks are different from day time drink as you need to take care about your body, like how your body reacts at night. Above recopies can help you to take proper sleep & you can also do some experiments regarding ingredients but with the mentioned base line of respective recipes. But make sure what your body exactly wants for sleep according to that chooses your drink.

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ZetaClear Treatment – The Natural Nail Fungus Treatment

Zetaclear is an expert developed dual action treatment – a hybrid that uses two approaches to clear nail fungus. It uses a topical antifungal nail coat along with a homeopathic oral spray.

The topical applicator treats and subdues the impact of fungus from outside. It helps to recover your original nail.

The other, Oral Spray takes an inside-out approach as it releases anti-fungal ingredients into the blood stream and help immune system to gear up against fungal invasion.

Zetaclear homeopathic Oral Spray and Topical nail lacquer works like magic because of its closely selected, clinically proven ingredients.

The aim of this easy-to-apply nail solution is to soften the skin so that healthy nail growth can be promoted. Nail fungus makes the nail thick, crumbly, discolored and rugged. The thick and crumbly nail easily detaches from skin. For those having minor fungal toenail infections the solution can save their nails.

The ingredients of Zetaclear like jojoba oil, castor oil extract, clove oil, tea tree oil and almond oil use their moistening abilities along with their strong antifungal properties.  The Zetaclear Nail Solution not only kills fungus but also nourishes the nail so that it can stick longer. The antifungal solution also reduces the built-up of debris of nail bits and skin flakes. It binds the debris, which can then be easily wiped out.

Zeta-clear solution achieves all of the above using ingredients that are all scientifically proven to be effective antiseptics and anti-allergens. No wonder it works so well.

  • Clove Oil- Perfect Anti-fungal reactor
  • Jojoba Oil- Superior moisturizer
  • Tea Tree oil- Famous Australian Antiseptic and anti-oxidant
  • Undecylenic Acid (Castor oil extract) and Vitamin E oil – Revives cells )
  • Homeopathic Anti-Fungal Oral Spray

In step 2, Zeta clear treatment uses Homeopathic oral Spray. The spray contains ingredients, which energizes the immune system and skin cells to fight against fungus.

The most significant ingredient of Zetaclear Oral Spray is Antimonium Curdum (200C) which helps to treat skin sensitivity and discoloring of nails. It triggers healthy nail growth.

Along with this, Zetaclear spray also uses extract from Caribbean Manchineel tree, which prevent any burning sensation and dryness in the infected area, giving instant relief.

Other active ingredients of Zetaclear oral Spray are Arsenicum Album and Thuja Occidentalis. The former is effective in treating discoloring of nails and the latter is useful in dealing with crumbly and brittle nails.

All the Oral Spray ingredients are FDA approved and safe to use. Unlike other treatments available, Zetaclear works on each and every symptom/side effect of nail fungal infection.

What is the recommended Dosage of Zetaclear treatment?

For best results use  Zeta Oral Spray and nail lacquer three times a day. Depending upon the spread of your infection, Zetaclear reduces antifungal impact significantly within 5 weeks.

In my view, Zetaclear is a revolutionary product. Because of its natural ingredients and 360 degree action approach, it is highly effective and popular among people.

For many it’s a getaway from 20 years of fungal nail infection. To change your story, you can try Zetaclear with 90 days money back guarantee.